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Every Collection has a Story. The Archives holds records that document the Smithsonian’s people, events, buildings, and research. The history of the Smithsonian is a vital part of the history of American experience, scientific exploration, and international cultural understanding.We both got up and, ignoring the waiter, made our way to the buffet. Six of the 38 people were Russian citizens. You use the at the beginning of a noun group when the first noun is followed by an 'of' phrase or a clause which identifies the person or thing. There has been a slight increase.

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acționează cu bunătate, amabilitate, toleranță și respect = act with kindness tolerence and respect. Cu Nădejde înainte. This one is a play on words. Sofia Nădejde (need, hope, faith) is the woman who lobbied eagerly and relentlessly for voting rights for women in Romania (and succeeded!). Cu Nădejde înainte means “onwards.Product Price ; Gateway Experience Wave VII - Voyager: Building on the previous Gateway Experience albums, this seventh album is based on the Monroe Institute’s popular Lifeline program, with the purpose of being of service to self and others.